Neda waterfalls

Neda waterfalls

It is a hidden natural treasure that will captivate your attention, while its beauty in every corner will enchant any visitor.

Here the Waters are rich even during the Summertime, falling from the waterfall into a pond and then again to another waterfall, in a pristine landscape of unique beauty.

The first thing that will impress you is the lush vegetation and the beautiful waterfalls that flow into small lakes. Moving forward, the waterfalls will become more extensive as the water in the lakes becomes more and more crystalline, and inevitably you will find yourself immersed in this pure-green paradise.

If you are feeling adventurous, even bold enough, you can dive as many people swim in the waters of these lakes. S o, if the sea in August is warm enough for your taste, put on your swimsuit and go to Polylimnio, where the lakes are many and undoubtedly ready to satisfy each one of you…

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